Finally, A Mash pH Adjustment Assistant That's Intuitive, Easy To Operate, And Accurate!

This effort would not have been possible without the welcomed and ongoing assistance of Beta testers selected from among the members of the 'Home Brew Talk' forum. A number of their excellent suggestions have been incorporated into 'Mash Made Easy'. 

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Note:  Mash Made Easy is a free spreadsheet that is complete and fully functional.  It operates within Excel 2007 and later, LibreOffice, and Google Sheets.  Visit our 'Downloads' page to acquire your free copy. After use, if you find that you appreciate its usefulness and simplicity, and you wish to contribute to the maintenance and upgrading of this software, please visit our 'Contributions' page. 

 Changes or additions since the last release:


Version 11.00 : Release Date 10/22/2021

Cosmetic changes only.  No output differences vs. version 10.95

Version 11.10 :  Release Date 12/9/2021 

1)  Fixed an issue exclusive to the Metric version for which the finished beers mg/L Ca++ output was incorrect for only the case of having added Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2.  If you never added Ca(OH)2 you would never have encountered this error.

2)  Made minor tweaks to the Acid Strength, the 'Cl' anion contribution, and the SO4 anion contribution of AMS/CRS in conjunction with math modeling seen within a recent thread which I initiated on the Homebrew Talk (HBT) forum regarding making a homemade version of this acid blend.  This minor tweaking has been done to both the USA and the Metric version.

Version 11.20 :  Release Date 12/28/2021

1)  Slightly lowered the DIpH values for all "Non Categorized" grist components, thereby slightly increasing their 'Malt Acidity'.

Version 11.30 :  Release Date 12/29/2021

1)  Major fix correcting the BC (Buffering Capacity) for all 'Caramel/Crystal' malts, which greatly increases their 'Malt Acidity'.

Version 11.40 :  Release Date 12/9/2022

1)  Changes the "Not Categorized" malt designation to "Main Sequence", and makes this designator visible, as opposed to hidden.

Version 11.50 :  Release Date 1/1/2023

1)  Incorporates an improved Mash pH adjustment computation algorithm for user selected Mash pH targets other than 5.40 pH.