Finally, A Mash pH Adjustment Assistant That's Intuitive, Easy To Operate, And Accurate!

This effort would not have been possible without the welcomed assistance of Beta testers selected from among the members of the 'Home Brew Talk' forum. A number of their excellent suggestions have been incorporated into 'Mash Made Easy'. 

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Note:  Mash Made Easy is a free spreadsheet that is complete and fully functional.  It operates within Excel 2007 and later, LibreOffice, and Google Sheets.  Visit our 'Downloads' page to acquire your free copy. After use, if you find that you appreciate its usefulness and simplicity, and you wish to contribute to the maintenance and upgrading of this software, please visit our 'Contributions' page. 


Critical changes since our last release:


Version 9.00 : Release Date 4/11/2020

1)  Converted from a blend of logarithmic and linear computations whereby to simulate buffering and pH valuations, to a

     core based strictly upon mEq's (Milliequivalents).  This major core level overhaul brings MME to the new series 9 level.

2)  Restores the chloride/sulfate ratio, while retaining feedback for your waters total hardness.

3)  Restores the ability to alter the percentage by which the Kolbach computation of "knock-out" measured downward pH

     shift due to the levels of calcium and magnesium in your mash water functions to similarly lower pH within the mash,

     and sets this valuation initially to 100%.  If you favor the findings of Taylor over those of Kolbach here, change this

     valuation to 81%.

4)  Provides feedback for the grists aggregate level of mEq's, whereby previous versions specified this valuation for only a

     single Kilogram of your grist.

5)  This is a major revision release.  All current users of earlier versions should upgrade to this release.

Version 9.10 : Release Date 4/23/2020

1)  Automates the previously manually adjusted %Kolbach, and attempts to make it better conform to the research done by

    D.G. Taylor, wherein its intent is to hit Kolbach's predicted downward shift for moderate levels of Ca++ and Mg++, and

    Taylor's predicted downward shift for same at higher levels.

2)  Adds a means to rectify upward pH shift when using calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2, wherein the OH- ion is strongly

     raising the mash pH simultaneous with the Ca++ component weakly lowering the mash pH.   As Mash Made Easy does

     not know if you will be using Baking Soda or Calcium Hydroxide to raise pH in advance, it initially calculates %Kolbach

     for Baking Soda.  After the calculated quantity is properly entered into the "Mineral Addition" field in the top/right

     Mash Made Easy will at that time realize that you have chosen to add Ca(OH)2, and whereby it internally makes an

     initial attempt to resolve the % Kolbach for the added Ca++ upon mash pH, it may discover a need to make a minor

     correction.  So for the case where Mash Made Easy is slightly off in its Ca(OH)2 projections of final computed mash,

     pH, it calculates a small revision quantity to be added or subtracted to its initially calculated Ca(OH)2 quantity.  This

     is necessary because the adding of Ca(OH)2 is a future event until it is actually selected over Baking Soda.

Version 9.20 : Release Date 6/21/2020

1)  Completed the process of relating all acids and bases strengths to their dissociation constants with respect to Target pH,

     and extended this also to sparge water adjustment for all acids.

2)  Refined the process of merging Kolbach and Taylor as seen in the V_9.10 details under item #1 above.

3)  Refined and improved the means by which MME handles Ca(OH)2, merging dissociation, Kolbach, and Taylor, as

     seen in the V_9.10 details under item #2 above.

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