Finally, A Mash pH Adjustment Assistant That's Intuitive, Easy To Operate, And Accurate!

This effort would not have been possible without the welcomed and ongoing assistance of Beta testers selected from among the members of the 'Home Brew Talk' forum. A number of their excellent suggestions have been incorporated into 'Mash Made Easy'. 

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Note:  Mash Made Easy is a free spreadsheet that is complete and fully functional.  It operates within Excel 2007 and later, LibreOffice, and Google Sheets.  Visit our 'Downloads' page to acquire your free copy. After use, if you find that you appreciate its usefulness and simplicity, and you wish to contribute to the maintenance and upgrading of this software, please visit our 'Contributions' page. 

 Changes or additions since the last release:


Version 10.40 : Release Date 5/10/21

1) Complete separation of Mash mineralization and Sparge mineralization.  Both are now fully independent. Redundant Drop Downs removed.

2) Fixed chloride and sulfate ppm (mg/L) errors with regard to the use of AMS/CRS. 

Version 10.45 : Release Date 6/3/2021

1) Revised the method for deriving the IBU contribution of Pellet Hops.  No other changes.

Version 10.46 : Release Date 6/11/2021

1) Fixed issue with 'Water Profiles'.  No other changes.

Version 10.50 : Release Date 6/17/2021

1)  Adds an optional IBU's calculator based upon ones desired BU:GU Ratio in conjunction with the application of the Golden Ratio. 

Version 10.55 : Release Date 6/21/2021

1)  Upgraded the 'Kettle pH' and 'SRMME' tabs (sheets) to version 1.30 and 1.10 respectively.  Improvements and corrections.

     Note: On the Metric version 'SRMME' is called 'EBCME' to reflect EBC color vs. SRM color.

Version 10.60 : Release Date 7/5/2021

1)  Modified the acid strength for Citric Acid within the 'Kettle pH Made Easy' utility.

2)  Fixed an error discovered within the Metric version of 'Kettle pH Made Easy'.

Version 10.65 : Release Date 7/9/2021

1)  Adds elevation correction for IBU's.  This is automatically applied to the IBU utilization. All that is required is elevation input.

2)  Computes your 'nominal' elevation based water boiling temperature and displays this on the IBU's sheet/tab.